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TREASON! Swearing-in an Illegal-Alien

TREASON! Swearing-in an Illegal-Alien

CJ John Roberts: Treason is Swearing-in and paying ‘Homage” to an illegal-alien using forged Birth Certificate & Selective Service Registration, + fraudulent SS# 042-68-4425 that fails E-Verify.
(How STUPID is that?)




TREASON! Is paying ‘Homage’ to a GHOST …
with forged Birth Certificate & Selective Service Registration, & fraudulent SS# 042-68-4425 that failed E-Verify


The Icelandic Success Story

Citizens for the Constitution;
10 December, 2012

Here is a very interesting article on The Icelandic Success Story posted at The complete article appears below.

Some interesting points to note:

  • Iceland has one of the highest penetrations of the internet, with 80% of their population on Facebook;
  • Iceland became a Republic in 1944;
  • Iceland has a population of ~320,000 and a land area of ~40,000 square miles – both about 1/100th of the U.S.

Since we have more than 100 times the economic power and military might, but more than 100 times the corruption now in power, the question is, can we apply our Constitutional Republic principles in time to create The American Success Story?

In any event, we are enjoined to be the Salt and Light of the earth, and to keep on keeping on in the restoration of our Constitutional Republic until ….

Neil Turner

Guest Post on The Icelandic Success Story

by Tyler Durden on 12/08/2012 at

Emotionally, I love Iceland’s financial policies since the crash of 2008:


Iceland went after the people who caused the crisis — the bankers who created and sold the junk products — and tried to shield the general population.

But what Iceland did is not just emotionally satisfying. Iceland is recovering, while the rest of the Western world — which bailed out the bankers and left the general population to pay for the bankers’ excess — is not.

Bloomberg reports:

Few countries blew up more spectacularly than Iceland in the 2008 financial crisis. The local stock market plunged 90 percent; unemployment rose ninefold; inflation shot to more than 18 percent; the country’s biggest banks all failed.

This was no post-Lehman Brothers recession: It was a depression.

Since then, Iceland has turned in a pretty impressive performance. It has repaid International Monetary Fund rescue loans ahead of schedule. Growth this year will be about 2.5 percent, better than most developed economies. Unemployment has fallen by half. In February, Fitch Ratings restored the country’s investment-grade status, approvingly citing its “unorthodox crisis policy response.”

So what exactly did Iceland do?

First, they created an aid package for homeowners:

To homeowners with negative equity, the country offered write-offs that would wipe out debt above 110 percent of the property value. The government also provided means-tested subsidies to reduce mortgage-interest expenses: Those with lower earnings, less home equity and children were granted the most generous support.

Then, they redenominated foreign currency debt into devalued krone, effectively giving creditors a big haircut:

In June 2010, the nation’s Supreme Court gave debtors another break: Bank loans that were indexed to foreign currencies were declared illegal. Because the Icelandic krona plunged 80 percent during the crisis, the cost of repaying foreign debt more than doubled. The ruling let consumers repay the banks as if the loans were in krona. 

These policies helped consumers erase debt equal to 13 percent of Iceland’s $14 billion economy. Now, consumers have money to spend on other things. It is no accident that the IMF, which granted Iceland loans without imposing its usual austerity strictures, says the recovery is driven by domestic demand.

What this meant is that unsustainable junk was liquidated. While I am no fan of nationalised banks and believe that eventually they should be sold off, there were no quick and easy bailouts that allowed the financial sector to continue with the same unsustainable bubble-based folly they practiced before the crisis (as has happened throughout the rest of the Western world).  

And best of all, Iceland prosecuted the people who caused the crisis, providing a real disincentive (as opposed to more bailouts and bonuses):

Iceland’s special prosecutor has said it may indict as many as 90 people, while more than 200, including the former chief executives at the three biggest banks, face criminal charges. 

Larus Welding, the former CEO of Glitnir Bank hf, once Iceland’s second biggest, was indicted in December for granting illegal loans and is now waiting to stand trial. The former CEO of Landsbanki Islands hf, Sigurjon Arnason, has endured stints of solitary confinement as his criminal investigation continues. 

That compares with the U.S., where no top bank executives have faced criminal prosecution for their roles in the subprime mortgage meltdown. The Securities and Exchange Commission said last year it had sanctioned 39 senior officers for conduct related to the housing market meltdown.

Iceland’s approach is very much akin to what I have been advocating — write down the unsustainable debt, liquidate the junk corporations and banks that failed, disincentivise the behaviour that caused the crisis, and provide help to the ordinary individuals in the real economy (as opposed to phoney “stimulus” cash to campaign donors and big finance).

And Iceland has snapped out of its depression. The rest of the West, where banks continue to behave exactly as they did prior to the crisis, not so much.                                                                                                              


Date:   ________________________

From: (NAME), U.S. Citizen


1)      Robert Swan Mueller, III, Director – Federal Bureau of Investigation, Wash. D.C.
         935 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington D.C. 20535-0001

2)      The Foreperson of each of the sitting Federal Grand Juries sitting in the (DISTRICT OF YOUR STATE) via ________, U.S. Attorney for (DISTRICT OF YOUR STATE).


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  10. OBAMA is joined in his TREASON by a raft of civilian criminal assistants too numerous to name in this submission. I leave it to the Grand Jury, in the conduct of an independent, autonomous, and unfettered investigation, to assign specificity and particularity to the list of OBAMA’S co-conspiring outlaws.
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  14. This submission renews and extends all previous filings naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON dating from 17 March 2009. The list of ACTS of OBAMA’S TREASON found in this formal criminal complaint is not exhaustive. Far from it.
  15. My sworn duty is to stand against everything OBAMA stands for. This FOREIGN BORN DOMESTIC ENEMY OBAMA IS NOT MY PRESIDENT! HE IS NOT MY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!

Obedient to my oath and/or allegiance to the United States Constitution in submission of this criminal complaint for TREASON, I remain steadfast and LOYAL,

/s/         ___________________________
            Citizen, United States of America
            (CITY & STATE)

            (EMAIL ADDRESS)(optional)           

Subscribed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me                  State of ______________________

on this _______ day of _______________, 2012                  County of ____________________
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Signature ________________________________
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My commission expires: ____________________

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