J’accuse! TREASON!

J’accusé! TREASON!
November 6, 2012. Another day that will Live in Infamy!


Consider the following FACTS:

  • 1. Islam is a Socio-Political movement, masquerading as a legitimate ‘religion’, and dedicated to making Sharia Law the Supreme Law of every Country in the world – including the U.S. of A., where it would replace our Supreme Law with its own Sharia Law;
  • 2. Obama/Soetoro was – and still is (according to the preponderance of evidence) – a Muslim. (It is an honor in Islam to lie to further the cause and progression of Islam, called “Taqiyya”);
  • 3. The Muslim Brotherhood has become embedded in our Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary (U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert of the House Judiciary, with oversight over top secret issues such as espionage and terrorism, can’t even get the investigation records on, and provided to, the terrorists in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist-funding trials of 2009);
  • 4. With all his records hidden, no one, except for the innermost members of his treasonous cabal, knows who or what Obama/Soetoro really is – neither his political ‘opponents’ nor the people who get to vote FOR or AGAINST him – living or dead!

Consider these additional FACTS:

  • 5. America is (or was) a Christian Nation, founded on Christian principles – with the words and meaning and intent of our Constitution taken directly from the Christian Bible (Biblical phrases are rife throughout);
  • 6. Most Americans feel that Romans 13 meant that the ‘authorities’ existing are ‘appointed by God’ – but that those ‘authorities’ are also subject to the word of God, and when they violate those ‘words’, they are to be resisted, thrown out, and subjected to the rules of Natural and God’s laws!

God is in Control!

Since all those competing in the political arena have to know that Obama/Soetoro has not only committed numerous acts of Treason, and is also a Constitutionally ineligible and illegal contender for the Office of President:

  • 1. Forged Certificate of Birth (www.TinyURL.com/AffidavitObamas-BC-Forged);
  • 2. Forged Selective Service Registration (www.TinyURL.com/ForgedSelectiveService);
  • 3. Fraudulently obtained Social Security # 042-68-4425 (www.TinyURL.com/AffidavitObamasStolenSSN);
  • 4. Unable to pass E-Verify to even qualify for employment in the United States, never mind the Office of President (www.TinyURL.com/AffidavitObamaFailsEverify);
  • 5. Obama and Ambassador Stevens (Benghazi) were aiding and abetting our enemies by running guns to Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, in order to overthrow America’s allies – and kill Americans! (8:15 ‘Gun-Running’ @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9EYHn4tX7g)

… then they all, every one without exception, is aware that Obama/Soetoro is a criminal and treasonous usurper of the Office of President of the United States, and therefore;

… they all, every one without exception, is aiding and abetting in the commission of Treason against the Citizens and the Constitution of the United States of America!

That is why, despite millions of Americans being engaged in 40 days of prayer before the elections to:

Unite us.
Strengthen us.
Appoint and anoint our next president.

… we got exactly what we prayed for.

  • Romney & Ryan acknowledge the usurper as legitimate, thereby giving their assent to and acceptance of Obama’s acts of Treason;
  • 500 General and Flag Officers on Romney’s advisory committee acknowledge the usurper as legitimate, thereby giving their assent to and acceptance of Obama’s acts of Treason;
  • The ‘Talking Heads’ of TV and Radio (Rush, Hannity, Beck, Van Susteren, Judge Napolitano, Levin, Hedgecock, Huckabee, Krauthammer, etc, etc, etc) all acknowledge the usurper as legitimate, thereby giving their assent to and acceptance of Obama’s acts of Treason;
  • Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse, even after proving that Obama/Soetoro is using forged and fraudulently obtained documents to occupy the Office of President, still acknowledge the usurper as legitimate, thereby giving their assent to and acceptance of Obama’s acts of Treason;
  • Congress, SCOTUS, the Judiciary, the JCS, and the MSM all acknowledge the usurper as legitimate, thereby giving their assent to and acceptance of Obama’s acts of Treason;
  • Most of the Citizens/Residents of the U.S. (legal and illegal) acknowledge the usurper as legitimate, thereby giving their assent to and acceptance of Obama’s acts of Treason;

So now you know HOW it happened and WHY it happened. Our Country and our Constitution has been taken over by the enemies of all that we stand for and have lived by for the last 200 plus years – through a silent and relatively non-violent COUP!
Our elected leaders, from our local city councils and Sheriffs to our State legislatures and Governors and on up to our Senators and Representatives in the U.S. Congress – all are acknowledging, legitimizing, and paying homage to ‘The BEAST’, an illegitimate, unlawful and unconstitutional usurper of the Executive, by referring to him as ’President’ – an act that is repugnant to the Constitution to which all have sworn an allegiance:

Marbury vs. Madison (SCOTUS:1803): “All laws (acts) which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”
Norton vs. Shelby County (SCOTUS:1886) “An unconstitutional act is not law; …; it creates no office;

The question now is WHAT can We, The Remnants, do to restore our Constitutional Republic?

I would say that each of us must do what our hearts and minds and talents direct us to do:

  • Stop legitimizing that which is repugnant to the Constitution. He is NOT our President; he is our Enemy. Let your words and actions reflect this wherever you go and whatever you say and do.
  • Join with LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, III (USNavy-Ret) with your own ‘FORMAL CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS NAMING BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IN COMMISSION OF TREASON’: http://thejaghunter.wordpress.com/2012/11/08/obama-is-formally-and-criminally-charged-with-treason-by-the-u-s-military-again/
  • Image
  • Contact those General and Flag Officers (and the Romney Campaign) and the ‘Talking Heads’ and your elected ‘leaders’ with the message that you expect them to admit that we have Treason in the White House, and that they are expected to use their public-service position of leadership to help right this ship of State and remove this Clear and Present Danger to our Republic from our White House.
  • Demand new and fair elections (with constitutionally eligible candidates), or a recount to eliminate those millions of fraudulent votes, and to find those millions of Military and Evangelical votes lost in the corruption of this fraudulent Day of Infamy on 6 November, 2012!

In Liberty and In Truth.

Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution




Obama’s Orders to ‘STAND DOWN’ = TREASON!

Voting for a known TRAITOR is itself an act of TREASON!

MURDER in the First! TREASON in the First! – Re-DUX!

Citizens for the Constitution;
26 October, 2012

In June, 2012, I published an article entitled ‘MURDER in the First! TREASON in the First!’ that showed that the Congress, the Judiciary, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Media were all ‘co-conspirators’ in the cover-up of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people since the founding of this Country – the seating of a completely illegal, un-vetted, and admitted-to-be a non-natural born U.S. Citizen, in the Office of President.

The ‘Chickens Come Home To Roost!’

We now have irrefutable evidence that the completely illegal, un-vetted, and admitted-to-be a non-natural born U.S. Citizen in the Office, and his appointed Secretary of State, Ms. Hillary Clinton, not only LIED about the murder of 4 American citizens by Islamic terrorists, but they watched those murders taking place – and did nothing about it!

That is TREASON in the FIRST!

And those U.S. Military forces who were reporting the ongoing 7-hour attack from the moment it started would have been authorized by standing orders (and their oaths) to immediately respond with deadly force (they were within 1 ½ hours striking distance) – unless they were instructed to ‘Stand Down’.  And such an order could have only come from the TOP: the Offices of President and Secretary of State – Obama and Clinton!

And now the whole world knows, thanks to the headline posting on the DrudgeReport.com today, 24 October, 2012:


(Non-underlined comments added by this author)

Since it is by now obvious that there were so many levels of the Military and the Government that were aware that a cover-up of Obama’s and Clinton’s lies would inevitably be exposed, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is ‘Why would they do it’?

‘Why would they do it’?

The answer is provided in a short but succinct article by Frank Gaffney, Jr., founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, columnist at The Washington Times, Big Peace, and Townhall, and radio host on Secure Freedom Radio (www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/p19129.xml), which concludes with:

In short, it seems President Obama has been engaged in gun-walking on a massive scale.  The effect has been to equip America’s enemies to wage jihad not only against regimes it once claimed were our friends, but inevitably against us and our allies, as well.  That would explain his administration’s desperate, and now-failing, bid to mislead the voters through the serial deflections of Benghazigate.

That is TREASON in the FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD!

It is by now quite apparent that the Congress, the Judiciary, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Media will do everything to try cover this up too, but fortunately the Romney/Ryan Campaign has announced its 350 member General and Flag Officer Military Advisory Council*, the members of which we can expect to continue to honor their oaths ‘to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic …’


Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to make sure that everyone you know – and those you don’t know – and those who are even considering casting a vote for this so-far unindicted domestic Enemy of the State now ‘hiding’ in our White House – that any support they might give for this walking-talking act of Treason will make themselves co-conspirators also in acts of TREASON!

In Liberty and In Truth.

Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution





Troops Know Who the Empty-Chair-In-Chief is!

Troops Know Who the Empty-Chair-In-Chief is!

Troops Know NOT TO OBEY Unlawful Orders

Obama Not Natural Born – Art. II Section 1 INELIGIBLE

ATTN:  ALL Military & Police VETERANS!

 (Active, Reserve, Retired, Discharged, Former: all who have ‘SERVED’) 

You all were SWORN to Uphold and Defend our Constitution – for LIFE!

You all were SWORN to declare TRAITORS to that Constitution – your sworn ENEMY!

 Soetoro-Obama has admitted to Usurpation of the position of President of the United States (POTUS) and Commander in Chief (CinC): Article II, Section 1 – not ‘Natural-Born’ of two (2) U.S. Citizen parents, and has thus committed an act of TREASON to our Constitution!


It is the sworn duty of any and ALL Constitutional Oath-Takers to report to the proper authorities any and all known violations of the terms and conditions of the Supreme Law of the Land – the U.S. Constitution.  And if anyone knowingly violates the ‘Natural-Born’ clause (Art. II, Sect. 1) and has therefore Usurped the office of President and Commander in Chief, he has committed the crime of TREASON! You are therefore requested to honor your sworn oath by reporting this act of TREASON immediately, so that the Usurper can be removed from our White House, our Constitution be restored, and justice be served. 
Do not be concerned with the details of what will happen when he is removed.  We have never been here before.  But Americans have been known to figure it out before.  With new and honest elections we can – and will – restore our Constitutional Republic once more!  



(10) FRONT of Business Card: ObamaNotNaturalBorn-TREASON (w-line for your E-mail address, etc.)  

  Link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/22087910/10-ObamaNotNaturalBorn-TREASON-w-line-for-EMAIL-ADD-Business-card-FRONT?from_email_04_friend_send=1&emid=2142149 



(10) BACK of Business Card: Obama -TREASON (Where to SERVE/REPORT/REGISTER your COMPLAINT)  

Link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/22088057/10-Back-of-Business-Card-Obama-TREASON-Where-to-SERVE-REPORT-REGISTER-your-COMPLAINT?from_email_04_friend_send=1&emid=2142415

NOTE:  Once you have downloaded and edited your Letter of Complaint of TREASON (add your name and address and any adjustments you may wish to make), you can sign it (and add as many co-complainants as you can recruit to sign – with address & tel. no.) and begin ‘Registering’ your complaint with as many FBI offices and agents as you can find.   

Title: TREASON COMPLAINT by all SWORN Veterans (1 page)

Link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/22087437/TREASON-COMPLAINT-by-all-SWORN-Veterans-1-page-Nov-2009?from_email_04_friend_send=1&emid=2141500

SUGGESTION: Get as many veterans as you can to go (in uniform if possible) to the nearest FBI agency office, announce to the local PRESS first, and then videotape the group signing and then reporting the criminal complaint of TREASON against the putative POTUS and CinC.  The FBI IS required by law to receive and investigate any and all CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS .   

God Bless and Godspeed;
Neil B. Turner, Veteran, Plaintiff, Juror, and Constitutional Extremist

Sample Letter of Complaint of TREASON:
Name/Address/Tel. No.)
 Date: ________________
To:  Mr. Barack Hussein Obama [aka Barry Soetoro]
Via:  F.B.I. office: _____________________________________
From:  (Name of Complainant) (et al)-(if more than one filing the complaint)   

I have observed and extensively recorded treacherous attacks by military – political aristocrats against the United States Constitution for many years.

Now, in yet another betrayal, you have broken in and entered the White House by force of contrivance, concealment, dissembling, and deceit.  Posing as an imposter President and Commander in Chief, you have usurped our Presidency and stripped civilian command and control over the military establishment.  Known military criminal actors – command racketeers – are now free in the exercise of military government, intent upon destruction of America’s Constitutional government.

We come now to this reckoning.  I accuse you and your military-political criminal assistants of TREASON.  I name you and your military criminal associates as traitors.  Your criminal ascension manifests a clear and present danger.  You fundamentally changed our form of government.  The Constitution no longer works.

Confident holding your silent agreement and admission that you are not Constitutionally eligible to be the U.S. President and CinC (per Article II, Section 1 of our Constitution), I identify you as a foreign born domestic enemy.

My sworn duty, Mr. Obama/Soetoro, is to stand against what you stand for.  You are not my President. You are not my Commander in Chief.
Obedient to the Constitution in submission of this criminal accusation, I remain steadfast and

SWORN to uphold my Oath to the Constitution of the United States of America,

/s/     _____________________________
(Printed) _________________________